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Monday, March 22, 2010

Wonderland by Kat's Creations

This tutorial was written by me, K. Wellman on March 22,
2010.  Any resemblance to any other is purely conincidental.

I am using the wonderful artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.  You
need a license to use her work and can purchase one at her

Scrapkit is a FTU call Mad Alice created by Stevie and can
be downloaded at her blog.  http://nightbirdsdesignz.blogspot.com/

Thank you Stevie..Don't forget to leave a little love..

I am using Template number 335 by Devine Intentionz..You can
download it  HERE

Mask of choice..

I will assume you have a working knowledge of PSP and still
try and be as clear as possible.

Lets Get Started...
1.  Open your template and shift D to duplicate..close original.  Delete
credit layer and wordart layers.

2.  From you kit, open paper of choice.  Copy/Paste or Drag/Drop
as new layer above rectangle 1.  Highlight rectangle 1 and go to selections,
select all, float, defloat.  Go to the paper layer, selections, invert and hit your
delete key.  Delete the original rectangle layer.

3.  Repeat the above step until you have filled all the layers of the template
with papers from your kit.

4.  Merge the 3 dotted lines layers together and go to adjust, hue/saturation, hue
saturation/lightness and change color to match your papers.

5.  To keep the glitter effect around any parts of the tag, go to Adjust, Add/Remove
Noise and add noise, Random 50 ok.

6.  Give all layers a drop shadow.  I used 2,2,50, 4 and black.

7.  Add your tube of choice and any elements from the kit..give all a drop

8.  Delete white background layer and merge visible.  Resize 500 x 377.  Open
paper of choice and resize 500 x 377 and copy/paste as new layer.  Move to
bottom and apply mask of choice. 

9.  Add wording of choice..copyrights, name, ect....save as png and enjoy.

I hope you have enjoyed my tut...Have a great day..Hugs..Kat

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To do this, do the following:

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