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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring by Kat

Well, I finally got around to writing another tut for Nette.  Hope
you enjoy it and I would love to see your creations..Hugs...Kat

This tut was written by me on April 20th, 2011 and any
resemblance to another is pure coinsidence.  I am assuming
you have a working knowledge of psp. 

I used the wonderful artwork of Suzanne Woolcott.  You need
a license to use her work and can get one HERE.

The kit I used is by Nette and is called Breath of fresh air.  You
can purchase it at her store, HERE.

Ok...Let's get started.
1.  Open a new image 700 x 700 and flood fill white.
  This gives you space to work.
2.  Open the window element and size 550 x 660. Copy
and paste this as a new layer.
3.  Open paper 6 and resize 500 x 500.  C/P as new layer
behind the window.  Use your pick tool to size so that is is just
a background behind the window.
4.  Please tube of choice behind the window layer.
5.  Open bird element and size 105 x 91.  Copy and Paste
as a new layer and move to the right of window.  See mine.
6.  Open Bike and size 281 x 226.  Copy and Paste as new
layer and move to the left corner of frame.  See mine.
7.  Open Pansies.  Size 190 x 259.  Copy and Paste as new
layer and move behind the bike layer.  Duplicate and Mirror.
Using pick tool resize and move behind bird.  See my tag.
8.  Open Cloud. Resize 656 x 375.  Copy and Paste as new
layer above white BG layer.  Move to the top so that some shows
behind frame.  Duplicate and move to middle.  Duplicate again and
flip to bottom.  Merge the 3 clouds and size to show on outer edges
of the frame.
9.  Open rose cluster.  Size 245 x 145.  Copy and Paste as new layer.
duplicate 2 times.  Move to top of frame and using pick tool arrange
into a swag. Use eraser tool to get rid of unwanted parts.  Merge
the 3 layers.
10.  Give everything  a nice drop shadow and sharpen if needed.
11.  Hide white BG layer.  Edit, copy merged and then edit paste
as new image.
12.  On this new image, Edit copy and edit paste as new image. This
just gets rid of excess around the tag.  Now size to whatever size you
want it to be.
13.  Add copyright and Name.  Save as PNG file.

I hope you have enjoy my tut.  I would love to hear comments and
see your results..Have a great day..

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